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About Us

Every organization was born out of someone’s passion.  Rethink Creative Services is no different.  Rethink Partners, Emily & Kristine, have a passion for being creative.  Our partnership as co-workers and office-mates in the radio business allowed for hours of idea-generating, and our vastly different personalities, skills and life experiences have become “iron sharpening iron”.  Now, heading up the team at Rethink Creative Services, we’re ready to put that creativity to work for you.  It’s a win-win situation: we produce and equip you with quality marketing products, you share YOUR passion more effectively with others … and you don’t break the bank doing so.

We believe you matter, regardless of the size of your business, your budget or your resources.  Integrity and the value of humanity are important to us, and we’ve built this company on the foundation of our personal beliefs.  Therefore, we won’t take on any projects that compromise our morals and ethics. If you care about people and excellence, then we’re here for you!