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Worship Consulting

Your worship team is ready to take it to the next level but you lack the resources you need to make it happen. So what next?

You’re a songwriter . . . who doesn’t know how to read or write music. You know others would be blessed by your songs, but how can you put them in a form others can use?

Your team does well . . . as long as they have music for the song. You know you could do so much more if they could improvise. But you can’t learn how to do that, can you?

Your congregation has been fighting about music for so long that it feels like fighting is normal–how can you find an integrated way of worshiping that navigates through conflict?

There is tension on your worship team and you don’t know how to resolve it–is it even possible to have a healthy and growing team environment with musicians who love the congregation and each other?

When your goal is to empower your congregation to praise God, it’s frustrating to feel like you’re tripped up by a lack of ideas, equipment, music, or leadership.

We can help.